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Process This! Episode 109: Surprising Data on Sterile Processing Packaging
In episode 109, host Jon Wood speaks with Malinda Elammari, Clinical Education Specialist at Healthmark Industries, a Getinge company, about unexpected data on packaging in the SPD. Elammari reviews packaging types and levels as well as confusion and misconceptions that can be found.
Process This! Episode 108: Sterile Processing and Dental Instruments
In episode 108, host Jon Wood speaks with Julie Morrill and Karen Raposa, regional managers at HuFriedyGroup, a Chicago-based dental supply and equipment company. Morrill and Raposa sink their teeth into infection prevention compliance associated with dental instruments. They also discuss common challenges when processing tiny, delicate dental instruments in the Sterile Processing area.
Process This! Episode 107: The Ergonomic Benefits of Work Area Layout in the SPD
In episode 107, host Jon Wood speaks with Hanna Schoeder, Clinical Education Specialist at Pure Processing. Schroeder gives her assessments, recommendations and rationalizations for record keeping, time stamping, organization and foot traffic flow contributing to the success of the sterile processing department. Layout efficiencies and ergonomic initiative benefits are both discussed.
Process This! Episode 106: HSPA Foundation & Mercy Ships: A Shared Mission to Change Lives
In episode 106, host Jon Wood speaks with Kimberly Ames, the Global Programatic Lead Recruiter and U.S. Recruitment Manager at Mercy Ships, about the importance of the Mercy Ships mission, what it takes to volunteer, and the steps necessary to go from application to serving. Also featured on this podcast is Brenda Esparza, the HSPA Foundation’s first Mercy Ships scholarship recipient who served in Sierra Leone, Africa, last year. Esparza will share details about her experience serving as a Sterile Processing technician aboard a Mercy Ships vessel.
Process This! Episode 105: Drying Medical Devices and Instrumentation
In episode 105, host Jon Wood speaks with Ann Hewitt and Bob Straub from CENORIN regarding why it is vitally important to dry instruments prior to sterilization. They discuss the difference between low temperature sterilization and steam sterilization and the implications that moisture has on each as well as the actions of any solution found on instruments before sterilization which could result in a patient injury.
Process This! Episode 104: AAMI Standard and TIR Updates for Sterile Processing
In episode 104, host Jon Wood speaks with HSPA Clinical Educator Sue Klacik about several key AAMI standards and technical information reports (TIRs) that affect Sterile Processing. Specifically, she provides updates about ANSI/AAMI ST108, Water for the processing of medical devices, AAMI TIR99 Dilator and ultrasound probes processing in health care facilities, and ANSI/AAMI ST113 Comprehensive guide for steam sterilization for dental facilities, which is being developed with the American Dental Association. She also discusses TIR109, External transport of medical devices processed by health care facilities.
Process This! Episode 103: Laying the Foundation for a Successful Robotics Service Line
In episode 103, host Jon Wood speaks with Marcy Duffy, Intuitive's Genesis Reprocessing Product Manager, about robotics in reprocessing. She identifies critical factors to consider when planning a robotics service line, including workflow and layout, assessment of current equipment, understanding how a robotics program fits into current operations, and steps to ease the transition for Sterile Processing leaders and their teams.
Process This! Episode 102: All About Your Health in Sterile Processing
In our 102nd episode, host Jon Wood speaks with fitness trainer and nutrition coach, Brenda Edwards, about physical, emotional and mental health. Specifically, she shares her recommendations for mobility activities to address the physical demands within the Sterile Processing department. Click the link to see Brenda's SP workout!
Process This! Episode 101: Water Quality
In our 101st episode, host Jon Wood reviews the most recent articles found in HSPA's PROCESS magazine related to water quality. Specifically, he explores the article, “A Leader’s Guide to Understanding and Following ST108,” authored by Marie Brewer, and key aspects of “Guarding the Gateway: Ensuring Water-Related Safety and Quality in Sterile Processing,” by Norm Thompson.
Process This! Episode 100 Top Ten Episode Moments of 2023
In our 100th episode, host Jon Wood revisits 10 must-hear segments from a variety of HSPA interviews conducted in 2023. Some of these discussions include surgical instruments and IFU, a PPE "arsenal" found at a VA hospital, and English as a second language in Sterile Processing. These conversations and more are discussed in this, one-hour special podcast.