On-demand webinar: Time is Running Out- The Importance of Time and Environmental Conditions on Contaminated Instrumentation

This presentation will show the effects of time and environmental conditions on contaminated instrumentation from the point of use until the decontamination process begins, based on recent research findings. In 2021, research was conducted on the solubility of dried soil on reusable medical devices. This cutting-edge investigation supports the scientific justification for point-of-use treatment and provides guidance for environmental conditions and time constraints when transporting soiled surgical instrumentation. 

Learning Objectives:

-Describe how dried soil on surgical instrument promotes the formation of a dry biofilm, which is difficult to remove and more resistant to inactivation by steam sterilization than a hydrated biofilm

-Discuss the research project demonstrating the change in solubility of dried soil on reusable medical devices

-Demonstrate the change in solubility of dried soil on reusable medical devices when exposed to various time, temperature and humidity ranges

Terra Kremer: Kremer is the Senior Program Manager of Microbiological Quality & Sterility Assurance at Johnson & Johnson and provides technical, strategic and leadership support to the Johnson & Johnson Microbiological Quality & Sterility Assurance organization. She is the technical lead of the Device Processing Tiger team, co-sponsors the Johnson & Johnson Device Processing Council and is an active member in both ASTM and AAMI organizations, focusing on standard development for device processing. Kremer is the co-chair of the AAMI WG-95 Water for Reprocessing Committee, and U.S. ISO expert for the development of ISO/TS 5111, Water Quality for Sterilization and Washer Disinfectors. Kremer is an Analytical Chemist with 20 years of experience in laboratory testing of medical device, pharmaceutical and tissue products, and is a PhD candidate for Microbiology.
Jon Wood: Wood serves as a Clinical Educator with HSPA. Prior to his current role, he was with the University of Colorado Health System, serving as a Regulatory and Quality Improvement Specialist in high-level disinfection and sterilization. Wood is also a certified surgical technologist, holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of North Texas, and served our country as a Naval Corpsman and surgical technologist.

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