On-demand webinar: Quality and Safety for Every Patient and Every Worker, Every Time

Sterile Processing provides a critical foundation for patient safety in medical settings. For many years, Ofstead’s team has emphasized the need to ensure best practices for “every patient, every time,” while keeping an eye on worker safety and health. Now, other stakeholders are recognizing that frontline workers need to be protected and well supported to function optimally. 

This session features two epidemiologists who will share evidence and perspectives about hot topics in Sterile Processing and worker health. They will cover recent developments regarding COVID-19, superbugs, biofilm, droplet dispersal in decontamination areas, and challenges with endoscopes and probes. Additionally, they will provide scientific evidence on the impact of self-care on wellness and stress levels, including proven benefits of fresh air, exercising and eating dark chocolate. The audience will learn about strategies for leveraging scientific evidence to get the resources they need to ensure quality and safety for every patient and every worker, every time.

Learning Objectives:

    -Discuss recent trends in infection control and healthcare-associated infections
    -Explain why the development of COVID-19 variants shifted the path of the pandemic
    -Explain strategies for leveraging science to support resource requests

Cori Ofstead: 

Ofstead is an epidemiologist with 30 years of experience in designing and conducting real-world studies on instrument processing and infection prevention. Her studies have been published HSPA’s PROCESS magazine and peer-reviewed journals. Ofstead is recognized as a leading educator in endoscope reprocessing and infection control and has spoken at conferences, including HSPA, AORN, APIC, SGNA, ASGE, and CDC. She is an active member of HSPA and a voting member of AAMI Workgroup 84, where she is involved with ST91 (endoscope reprocessing) and TIR99 (ultrasound probes and dilators). She was a contributing author for HSPA’s endoscope reprocessing textbook.

Krystina Hopkins: 

Hopkins is a research manager with Ofstead & Associates where she leads projects in environmental health, instrument processing, and healthcare cost and quality. She also develops continuing education material to support quality initiatives in infection control. She has an MPH in environmental health and a background in microbiology. Her research has been published in HSPA’s PROCESS magazine and in peer-reviewed journals. She is an active member of HSPA and has over 14 years of research experience. Previously, she performed research management and coordination roles at Medica Research Institute, the University of Minnesota, and the Minnesota Department of Health.

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