On-demand webinar: Instrument and Endoscope Reprocessing Best Practices for Sustainable Robotics Service Lines

Protect your robotics investment by applying best practices for instrument and endoscope reprocessing.  In this course you will learn proper care and handling as well as discover the most common instrument and endoscope damages and their causes

Learning Objectives

Participants will learn:
-The correct reprocessing steps for the instruments, accessories, and endoscopes
-How to inspect for damages and potential causes for those damages
-Proper care, handling, and best practices for reprocessing the instruments and 

Marcy Duffy, CSFA, CST, CRCST, I&A Consultant, Genesis Southeast, Intuitive 
Marcy Duffy is an I&A Genesis Consultant with Intuitive going on 6 years. Prior to coming over to Intuitive she worked as a CST/CSFA in the operating room for 20 years. Marcy thrives on delivering scalable solutions that enable safe, efficient, and cost effective procedures through the use of intuitive technologies and resources.

Nicholas Scalzi, CCSVP
I&A Consultant, Northwest, Intuitive 

Nicholas Scalzi is an Instrument and Accessory Consultant (I&A) with Intuitive, where he has spent the last 14 years. Other titles held include Field Service Engineer & Sterile Reprocessing Specialist.

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