On-demand webinar: An Updated AAMI ST91 for Flexible Endoscope Reprocessing

Proper endoscope processing requires strict adherence to instructions for use, national standards, and professional society guidelines. This presentation will outline the latest national standard on flexible endoscope processing, ANSI/AAMI ST91. It will highlight key differences between the 2015 version and the 2021 update. Attendees will learn how to review the document to evaluate areas of noncompliance and create a crosswalk for implementation of the recommendations and requirements in the standard.

Learning Objectives:

-Discuss the updated national standard, ANSI/AAMI ST91, highlighting key differences between the 2015 version and the latest update

-Identify current best practices in the processing of flexible endoscopes as outlined in ST91 and other guidelines

-Outline how engineering quality assurance parameters into endoscope processing can help to reduce healthcare-acquired infections and surgical site infections and help to determine if an endoscope is patient ready           

Mary Ann Drosnock: 

Drosnock is the Director of Clinical Affairs at Healthmark Industries, where she leads a team of educators. She served as co-chair of AAMI Working Group 84 for ST91 from 2013 to 2021. Before Healthmark, she managed the Infection Control Program for Olympus, worked as a pharmaceutical microbiologist, and taught microbiology courses at the college level. Drosnock has a bachelor’s degree in Biology from Albright College and a master’s degree in Quality/Regulatory from Temple. She is certified in Infection Control and Endoscope Reprocessing and is a Fellow for APIC and AAMI. She will graduate as a Doctor of Health Science this summer.

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